How to use the luggage machine needle, to produce high-quality luggage?

How to use the luggage machine needle, to produce high-quality luggage?

Under normal circumstances, the sewing thin, crisp, dense material should be selected small (thin) needle, sewing thick, soft, thin material should be selected large coarse (coarse) needle. In addition, the needle tip shape, pinhole shape, needle bar shape and surface treatment process on the appearance of a great influence on the slot.

Thick material with thick needle, because the luggage between the mechanical and sewing material large friction, while the material is not easy to suppress the presser foot, needle and sewing material will occur at the same time move up and down, affecting the formation of wire loop jumping needle. If the sewn crisp, dense material with thick needles, will cause the sewing material damage, resulting in residual products. Sewing materials with heavy needles, easily lead to broken needle or needle bending phenomenon, at the same time as the sting resistance increases, causing sting cloth movement instability, can cause needle hook with the needle and not allowed to jump. Under special circumstances, to sew thick, crisp and dense seams, it is necessary to reduce or try to avoid breaking, bending needle, as far as possible to select the needle number smaller.

Bag machine in the high-speed cutting edge, due to repeated friction with the sewing material and heat, when the heat exceeds 1800C, will cause the synthetic fiber sutures and suture melt, the molten fiber material will gather in the pinhole and needle groove, so that the needle Hole suture can not move freely to cause jumper broken line.

The way to reduce the mechanical heat of luggage is to cool the needle by adding oil to the suture through the oil cooler. Because the silicone oil is a colorless, odorless and transparent white oil, which is volatile, when the suture plus silicone oil, the suture can take away some of the heat, so that the mechanical cooling luggage; Needle with a tapered needle. Due to the small mechanical tip of the luggage, when passing through the sewing material, the friction is small and the mechanical heating of the luggage is low; the needle with a spherical pinhole reduces the friction between the needle bar and the sewing material; the surface is coated with Teflon, Gilt special handling of luggage machinery, can effectively inhibit the needle heat. Fabric, stitching will not stick to the needle even if it melts; reduce the sewing machine sewing speed.

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